Services Offered By Us

We have the equipment, tools, techniques, and expertise to get your repairs done quickly and efficiently. We help you make more profit by keeping your employees doing what they do best. HB Autotrim Group takes care of the "airbag hassle". No traveling to the dealer to drop the car or waiting two or three weeks for it to come back. HB Autotrim is registered with the BAR as a mobile airbag service and is fully insured.  References with Insurers and Body Shops can be provided. 

Call us and we will come to your location and determine what parts are needed for a correct repair. We will show you what to order from your parts source or order them for you.  YOU make the money on the parts not us. We do not sell parts.  After the parts arrive and the vehicle is ready we will return and repair the vehicle to factory specs.  Our bill to you is based on Mitchell/ccc path ways. flat rate plus a small fee to cover travel and special equipment.

HB Autotrim provides the following services for our clients:

Airbag Install and Repair
Installation and repair


We take care of all your airbag needs from installation to re-install after deployment. Our technicians diagnose airbag problems. They are specialized which means less time and effective results.


Abs and Engine Codes Analyzed
Full level test and scanning


Daimler Chrysler DRB III scanner. Porsche scanner Ford, General Motors, Honda, Toyota and Full level test and scanning for the complete Volvo product line and more..  


Dash Removals and Replacements
Instrument Panels & Interiors


Dash removals replacements are taken care by us. We also provide instrument panels and interiors done for you. 


Electrical Problems
Diagnosis and  repair of car electrical systems.


We work on all aspects of Car Electrical Systems. Need help fixing or diagnosing a car electrical problem? We provide the best electrical repair service and replacement of any part. We provide free estimates, diagnostics and have the best mechanics of any place .


SRS Airbag Module Repair
Updated electrical diagrams repairs.


We provide updated electrical diagrams for repairs. click here



And many more...


  • Main Engine wiring harness replace/install,
  • Driver and passenger Airbag On/Off switch Install
  • Safety Inspection
  • SRS and Airbag Repairs
  • Used car safety Inspections
  • Control unit programming
  • Diagnostics and code clears